Farrah Abraham apparently gave her daughter $600 for losing her teeth, making her an incredibly generous Tooth Fairy.

Farrah Abraham Gives Daughter $600

Abraham, who made a name for herself starring on MTV’s Teen Mom, tweeted a photo of her daughter, Sophia, showing off her new smile that featured large gaps where she lost her two front teeth. “Sophia lost her 2 front teeth! Busy #ToothFairy,” Abraham wrote.

Resting on the bedside table next to Sophia is a stack of what appears to be six $100 bills, surrounded by earrings and other little items. Abraham’s Tooth Fairy apparently gives out $300 per tooth.

The tweet and story went viral, with Abraham re-tweeting stories about her generous Tooth Fairy ways. “Well I’m happy to make my baby happy she deserves it,” Abraham wrote after the story became a trending topic on Twitter.

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