The Gerhardts are a tough little family, run like a military. The hierarchy is indisputable. That’s why with Otto (Michael Hogan)out of commission, discussions must be had about who will be in charge in his absence. Mother and son bump heads, rivals scheme about turning one to their side, and the family hasn’t even begun to worry about where Rye is (Kieran Culken). He’s dead. In last week’s episode we learn how a couple may find happiness once again through manslaughter, but only if they manage to keep the Gerhardts from finding out.

‘Fargo’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

We find the Gerhardts in their family home. It’s a meeting to discuss leadership: Dodd (Jefferey Donovan) insists on taking over for his father. it is his obsession, after all. But his mother, Floyd (Jean Smart), thinks that he is not ready to call all the shots. He obediently agrees. The topic of Rye is barely a footnote. perhaps they haven’t read about the shooting that went down at a diner when Rye decided to shake down a judge and ended up killing half the staff, getting stabbed with a steak knife, and getting run over by a housewife.

Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons) is sitting on a chair outside in the dead of winter. He’s thinking about the bloody streak down the hood of his wife’s car and the dead man in their freezer. No doubt he is thinking about the fact that he helped finish him off. What more do you expect from a man who loves his wife. Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) still doesn’t seem to care about her bad by the diner.

Rye is dead but his enemies are still harassing his business partner from his typewriter scheme. Ed cleans up his wife’s mess while she goes to his place of work and to tell his boss he had some bad clams. Solverson works with Larsson to solve the mystery at the diner.

Solverson Goes back to the diner with his wife and daughter to have another look around. While he is inside doing police work, His wife finds something in the snow: A revolver. The one Rye used to shoot up the diner. Maybe his case isn’t as cold as he thought.

Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) is one of the Gerhardts rivals moving in on their turf. According to their drivers licenses, they’re from St. Louis. Larson pulls them over and Mike decides to give the sheriff the old villain charm. Larson isn’t buying that they are just three nice boys passing though and puts out an alert that if they don’t head home, they’ll be rounded up.

Back at home, Ed is finally done staring blankly at Rye’s corpse and in the dead of night, takes the body to work. Ed works in butcher shop — you know where this is going!

Peggy’s boss tries to seduce her, while Solverson and Larsson tell war stories on the front steps of the diner. Ed experiences a close call as Lou notices the light on in the butcher shop. He stops in for some bacon, and comes close to discovering a stray finger that got away under the door of the backroom.

Peggy calls begging Ed to finish up soon. She suddenly hate being home without him. Those two might work out after all.

Fargo airs Mondays on FX.

Pictured: Ted Danson as Sheriff Larson and Patrick  Wilson as Lou Solverson.

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