Fans of Ellen DeGeneres are upset after a photo of DeGeneres and former President George W. Bush surface from a Cowboys football game this weekend.

The pair are seen sitting alongside one another in a VIP suite at the Dallas Cowboys game. The president and comedian seemed to be having small talk and laughing throughout the game, however, many fans were not so happy about the pairing. Bush has been outspoken about his opposition to gay marriage, which lead many fans to question the friendship between him and DeGeneres.

Many took to Twitter to voice their concerns. “Bush is a homophobe and a mass murderer, Ellen is billionaire trash,” wrote the Humanist Report.

“The Supreme Court is about to decide whether it’s legal to fire people just because they’re LGBT,” wrote Raphael Bob-Waksberg. “I hope Ellen enjoyed her football game with the guy who puts Roberts and Alito on that court. Bygones! (He also personally campaigned to get Kavanaugh appointed.)”

DeGeneres has yet to comment. 

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