After to recent pictures taken with fans surfaced on social media, Johnny Depp‘s health has been called into question. The movie star appeared to be skinny, pale and missing his signature long hair and goatee. Fans took to social media to express their concerns.

One Instagram user commented, “I’m praying for Johnny that he is ok & this is for a movie. If not and he’s in fact sick he’s in my deepest prayers as well.”

#JohnnyDepp leaving Russia yesterday. 😻 Next show is in 6 hours in Hamburg, Germany.

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Another said, “Why is he looking so skinny[?], hope he is ok.”

Depp, 54, has been traveling with his band Hollywood Vampires on tour. Last weekend, they went from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Hamburg, Germany. This week, they will be heading to Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Finland.

A Twitter user had a different view on the recent photos, in which they claimed Depp may simply be tired from all of the traveling and work he does.

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“People, I don’t get it! Isn’t it normal to look tired on airports after spending many evenings with playing concerts, meeting many fans and flying forth and back for days? He isn’t 30 anymore!”

There have been no official reports or statements regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s condition.

Depp will be returning to American movie screens in November for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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