While it looks like ABC's GCB, the title of which was changed from the less primetime-friendly Good Christian Bitches, won't be returning for a second season this year, having been canceled in May after its short one-season run, fans aren't taking the loss of Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, Jennifer Aspen and Annie Potts in their southern-belle roles lightly.

There is a petition out there by Randy Bragdon of San Diego, Calif., to save the scintillatingly sinful GCB and bring it back on the air, savegcb.com. The site encourages fans to send their bibles to ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee with a note requesting that GCB be renewed for season two.

The petition to bring GCB back for a second season has received over 75,000 signatures, and a lot of people are blaming the late 10 p.m. Sunday night time slot for the show's relative lack of success and low ratings. "I usually don't watch really any ABC shows but this is one that I loved!" wrote Angela Kleb, one frustrated fan of the show, on the site. "I looked forward to every Sunday night for some drama and laughter! And to hear they want to cancel it has left me very sad and angry! Maybe they would of had even more people watch it if it was on earlier like right after Once Upon a Time."

Cassandra Rafferty agrees. "The only thing this show was lacking was a decent time spot. They would definitely have a lot more viewers if they had a better time slot!"

Bad time slot or not, there is no current indication that ABC — or any other network, for that matter — is considering putting GCB back on the air. Star Chenoweth, who recently suffered an injury in her guest stint on The Good Wife after the show, is on to other projects. And GCB's Mark Deklin just signed to replace Chris Wiehl in Castle season five.

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  • AnthonyParello
    AnthonyParello on

    To be fair people who think this show is coming back are deluded.

    There has NEVER been a primetime one hour show that has been cancelled and off the air for 6 months and then returned to TV.

    On-line petitions are a dime a dozen these days and the networks no longer pay attention to them.

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