In the ultimate fan girl move, Lucy Jane Ford, a journalist and Legally Blonde admirer, has given Reese Witherspoon a dissertation she wrote in college for her role in the 2001 movie during her interview.

“I wrote a 15,000 word dissertation on Legally Blonde at University, and somehow the universe let me give it to Reese Witherspoon herself,” Ford writes on Twitter.

Ford wrote about the movie and its main character Elle Woods back in 2014, the detailed essay titled “Dumb Blonde Ambition” was all about post-feminism and re-imagining the “strong female character”.

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The University of Leeds alumni shared a photo of her holding the essay right before she went to give it to Witherspoon.

Ford also shared on her Twitter the moment she got to give the essay to Witherspoon during an interview for A Wrinkle In Time.


During the interview, Witherspoon said that the essay “really touches [her] heart.” Ford quickly responded, “Legally Blonde touched [her] heart.” She also shared with the actress that she had to watch the movie about “800 times” for her college essay.

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Ford’s only goal was to give the essay to her, telling Witherspoon “you can read it, you can burn it, you can clean your windows with it, but I feel like this was full circle for me that I wrote that four years ago.”

Witherspoon then jokingly asked if Ford sprayed the essay with perfume, similar to her character in the movie, which Ford admited she did.

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