Late 3 Doors Down guitarist Matthew Roberts’ family filed a lawsuit against Alabama doctor Richard Snellgrove claiming he supported Roberts’ opioid addiction. Roberts died of a drug overdose in August 2016.

Snellgrove began prescribing opioids to Roberts in 2006, the family said in the lawsuit, and Roberts continued taking them for years – with the exception of a stint in rehab – up until his death.

“It’s unfortunate that Mr. Roberts passed away, but Mr. Roberts passed away because of his abuse of his prescriptions in addition to using other drugs that weren’t associated with his prescriptions,” Snellgrove’s lawyer, Dennis Knizley, told reporters.

Court records show that Snellgrove prescribed fentanyl to Roberts due to hand pain that came from playing guitar.

The family is also pursuing the case against Rite Aid pharmacies because they believe the pharmacy didn’t report Roberts’ drug abuse to the proper authorities.

The trial is set to take place in May.

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