Falling Skies' Season 3 may be over, but season 4 is just getting started in the writers’ room, and ex-showrunner Remi Aubuchon teased that a new love triangle could emerge next summer.

Aubuchon is leaving his post as showrunner after three seasons, passing the torch to David Eick, who previously worked as executive-producer on the beloved SyFy Channel’s Battlestar Galactica. Hardcore fans might be skeptical about the change and what that could mean for the mythology of Falling Skies, the Espheni, and the Volm, but Aubuchon assures fans that Eick is well versed in the history of Falling Skies.

“We [Eick and Aubuchon] talked about where I was going, what I hoped to leave on his plate for him to make some amazing meal out of. But once that initial conversation, I kind of left it to David to figure out what to do…I feel really confident that they’re going to come up with something really cool for the fourth season,” Aubuchon said in an interview with EW.

The season 3 finale, "Brazil," ended with a now six-year-old Lexi taking away Lourdes’ alien brain bugs simply by touching her, and, as to what that means going into season 4. Aubuchon insists that he knows nothing, but he did hint at a potential mystery that will plague Tom when Falling Skies returns next summer.


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“Is that Anne and Lexi? Tom saw them dead. It’s a little coincidental that all of a sudden Anne and Alexis show up in the middle of the woods. I really don’t know what’s going to happen in the fourth season, but certainly our thought was to leave that as an open question. Is that even Anne? Why is she sleeping all the time?” Aubuchon teased.

Aubuchon also hinted that, now that Karen is dead, another love triangle could emerge between Hal, Maggie, and Lourdes.

“I think that where there probably could never have been a chance for romance between Hal and Lourdes, all of a sudden…there’s a little spark going on there because of some sort of shared experience. So who knows what’s going to happen there? But I would imagine that something’s going to happen,” Aubuchon said.

Aubuchon announced his departure from the show in May, and is currently working on his first novel – a steampunk political thriller.

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