Last night’s episode of Falling Skies, "Be Silent and Come Out," pit father against son when alien-infected Hal (Drew Roy) held his father, Tom (Noah Wyle) hostage.

After discovering that Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and her child have been made prisoners by Karen, the Eshveni overlord, Tom desperately wants to rescue them, and Hal volunteers to accompany him. Vice President Peralta is against it, but, under alien control, Hal interrupts his father and Vice President Marina Peralta (Gloria Reuben). He knocks Peralta out, and holding a gun to his father, informs him that the two will in fact be leaving to meet Karen.

Before Hal has time to escape with his father, Maggie shoots his tires, and Hal is forced to hide with his father in a nearby room. Once safe, Hal begins the interrogation.

Meanwhile, against Weaver’s advice, Peralta instructs Tector, a sniper, to be prepared to shoot Hal if he gets a clear shot. And, as news of Hal’s treason spreads throughout Charleston, people begin believing that Hal is the mole and a killer, something Hal himself, later believes.


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Inside, Hal tries to bargain with Tom, offering to release Anne and the baby in return for information on the Volm weapon, which Tom is planning on using against the aliens. Tom refuses. Instead, Tom tries to appeal to Hal’s human side, and talks to him about his mother and what she saw for his future. Alas, the touching memory does not do the trick, and the two are joined by Maggie, Matt, and Ben, who beg Hal to fight against the alien bug. Hal struggles, and finally tries to shoot himself in the head. Ben stops him, but just barely, and Hal is sent to the hospital with a head wound.

At the hospital, Hal is treated with a biological weapon that is said to be able to remove the alien device from Hal’s brain. The risk? It could kill him. Still, Tom decides it is their only option, and Hal is given the supposed cure. His heart stops.

Once revived, Hal wakes and says he has no memory of the past week, and is embarrassed by the reality of his mind-control.

Desperate to have his whole family back, Tom decides to step down from the Presidency, and Peralta is sworn in as president. The episode ends with Tom, Hal, Ben and Matt leaving Charleston to retrieve Anne and her baby.

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 10 P.M. on TNT.

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