Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato dropped a music video for the song, “Irresistible” and its a sequel to ‘NSYNC‘s 2000 “Its Gonna Be Me” with the classic doll-sized musicians. Former ‘NSYNC members, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, also make cameos in the video.

The video begins with Lovato and Kirkpatrick in a toy factory that manufactures the 2000’s most popular ‘NSYNC dolls. The pop star dolls switch over to the Fall Out Boy members but as bobbly heads. The bobbly heads then come alive while in their packeting while Lovato struts around the toy store in a candy stripper outfit. Fatone makes his cameo by throwing the alive Fall Out Boy bobbly heads into the dollar bin.

The tiny toys eventually break out of their casing and start adjusting to their new toy like bodies and start to interact with the other toys, including ninjas and Barbie. The toys get the “Confident” singer’s attention. The video ends with the full-sized members walking out with Lovato but not before a menacing laugh comes out of Fatone.

The track is available on American Beauty/American Psycho, which is out now on DCD2/Island Record.

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