Kate Middleton and Prince William look-alikes arrived at the St. Mary’s Hospital in London on Friday, sending the press that’s been camped out waiting for the arrival of the royal baby into a frenzy.

When the fake Will and Kate stepped out of a black sedan with what looked like security personnel, cameras began snapping away as members of the press began firing off questions. Soon enough, however, the journalists realized that it was a prank. The royal-looking pair were actually hired by U.K. tabloid The Sun to carry out the elaborate hoax.

"HAVE WE BEEN HAD BY A ROYAL LOOK ALIKE??????????? To the Tower with her if we have!" tweeted reporter Victoria Arbiter. “Oh the shame of falling for it – for a nano second! Crazy Street really has gone global.” Reporter Atika Shubert was also amused, tweeting, “Great publicity stunt by The Sun. Media all jumped at it. Some comic relief during #RoyalBabyWatch.”

Not all of the 200 members of the press who’ve been camped outside the hospital for the past couple of weeks were laughing. “What an appalling stunt by The Sun newspaper you would think they would know better at a working hospital,” tweeted photographer Tim Rooke.

The Duke and Duchess announced earlier this year that they were expecting their firstborn child in July. Media reports have been conflicting about when the baby’s official due was – some have said the 11th of July, others the 19th. Regardless, the royal baby is past due and everyone is more than eager for the real Kate and Will to arrive at the hospital.

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