This week’s episode of Face Off takes the 7 contestants to Lobo Castle in Agoura, Calif., where their spotlight challenge is to choose a young beautiful sorceress and turn her into an evil monster.

‘Face Off’ Recap, Season 10, Episode 8

Rob Seal chooses the dragon queen. He has a few struggles along the way with doing the most work but it pays off. He does face, back and hand pieces for his model that give her dark ancient dragon features.

Walter Welsh isn’t sure what to do with his emerald empress. He makes the decision to highlight her powerful features with sharp emeralds protruding from her cheeks, head and shoulders.

Melissa Ebbe had the wican of the woods where she chose to incorporate trees and bark into the hideous transformation. She created vines to glue on to the half of her face. Judge Glenn Hetrick said it was an avant-garde attempt to the challenge.

Anna Cali struggles with her shadow enchantress throughout the entire challenge. She has the theory but Judge Ve Neill didn’t think she executed her Maleficent-like idea well.

“The only thing she got right is the idea of the white and the black – the palette with the wardrobe. Other than that, everything on this makeup has failed,” Hetrick said.

They all thought her proportions were completely off. She creates her enchantress with dark makeup, hollow sunken in cheeks and horns.

Mel Licata picks the temptress of flame. She creates flames on her ram horns and uses a texture effect with coffee grounds to make it look like burned skin. Although the judges didn’t like how the flames looked, Neill loved the beauty makeup and thought it was exquisite.

Yvonne Cox creates the corpse conjurer as the corpse version of her sorceress. Hetrick thought the character looked even better up close with all the tiny details.

Robert Lindsay’s sea witch was transformed into a fish-like creature. Judge Neville Page thought there was a lot of good parts to his creation but as a whole it didn’t work.

Rob’s cohesive dragon queen won the challenge and Yvonne’s corpse conjurer was a close second. They thought that Anna’s shadow enchantress and Robert’s sea witch were the worst.

Anna is eliminated from the competition after her lacking concept.

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