The third generation of the Boeing 777 will have longer wings than current models, which will allow higher and faster travel with more fuel efficiency. However, standard-sized airport gates can’t fit an aircraft so large, but that is solved by the Boeing 777X’s folding wings that have just been approved by the FAA.

The folding wings will decrease the airplane’s wingspan from 235 feet to 212 feet. The operation can only take place when the 777X is on the ground while parking at an airport. Locking pins and latches allow for the wings to bend, which the FAA has created new regulations to ensure the wings’ durability in flight.

Additionally, the new wings will be made out of carbon-fiber composites rather than aluminum, a weaker and heavier material.

The Boeing 777X will be the first twin-engine jetliner to carry more than 400 passengers. Currently, Boeing is creating the first of its kind in its Seattle factory, for several airlines have already placed 300 orders of the unusual aircraft.

Boeing plans to start flying 777X’s by 2020.