Star of Fantastic BeastsEzra Miller, was arrested for the second time in Hawaii after throwing a chair at a woman at a gathering in a private residence and leaving a gash on her forehead.

According to the Hawaii Police, the assault was reported around 1 a.m. at the Leilani Estates in Pāhoa, a region on Hawai’s big island. Witnesses said Miller was angered by being asked to leave and then threw the chair at a 26-year-old female partygoer.

Miller was then arrested during a traffic stop at 1:30 a.m., and police say they were released a few hours later early Tuesday morning. It was also said that the female victim refused treatment for her injury and that the investigation remains active.

They were arrested last month in Hawaii on harassment charges for erratic behavior in a karaoke bar. The actor reportedly lunged at a bartender and attempted to snatch a microphone from a patron’s hands.

Clearly, the island of Hawaii probably isn’t the hugest fan of The Flash anymore, and if more arrests keep coming it may accelerate the talks at Warner Bros. that allegedly happened to “hit pause” on Miller’s involvement in the future DC Extended Universe franchises.

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