Alan Powell sat down with uInterview to talk about how his new movie Shooting Heroin hits close to home for Americans.

Shooting Heroin is a film pulled out of the headlines,” Powell, who previously starred in Quantico, said. “Specifically in towns like this across America.”

The movie follows his character, Adam’s, return from serving in the military to his hometown that’s been ravaged by “the epidemic.”  He and two other characters are deputized and they come together to help save the town struggling with drug abuse. Powell said he was drawn to the movie because it wasn’t just good versus evil.

“The reason I did it is because it’s not something as simple as good guys and bad guys,” Powell said.

He continued: “It’s really a story about us taking responsibility for our own actions, and really not judging anybody, cause you never know where they’re coming from or what their circumstances are,” Powell said. “Things aren’t always as black and white as they seem.”

Powell said that the movie began to really hit home for him while filming in America’s heartland.

“While we were there, I remember, we were shooting probably the most emotional scene of the film, and I kid you not, I was supposed to be drunk and crying and looking at pictures of a loved one that I lost to the epidemic, and we had to stop filming because there were so many ambulances going by. And they were going all a quarter mile down the road from the bar we were shooting at because of a drug overdose,” he remembered.

“It was a lot close to home.”

You can rent Shooting Heroin on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or the Google Play Store. Watch the trailer below.

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