Team captain Lindsey Berg, 32, and her women’s volleyball team advanced to the finals in Thursday’s game, beating South Korea in all three sets, for a shot to win the gold medal against Brazil in Saturday’s final game.

While beach volleyball pair Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings have been winning gold as far back as the eye can see, America’s indoor volleyball team has only won three medals — not one of them gold — since the sport joined the Olympics in 1964.

One of those medals comes from Beijing’s 2008 Summer Olympics, when the USA also faced off against longtime rivals Brazil in the finals, ultimately missing out on the gold. This time around in 2012, however, things might be looking up. Team USA defeated Brazil in a preliminary match a little over a week ago.

The main thing working against the American women’s volleyball team right now is the condition of Berg’s left ankle injury, which prevented her from playing in a match earlier this week. Berg was able to return, however, for the semifinal match against South Korea, helping the team win the chance to advance.

Still, Berg isn’t going to let a little ankle injury negate all her rigorous training for the Olympics, which she talked about exclusively with Uinterview. “Three times a week we’re … doing weight training, fitness training, any type of therapy to keep our bodies ready and healthy for every day,” Berg said. Health and fitness are always important to Berg, “not only [for] the games, but every day leading up to it to be our best.”

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