U.S. Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian, who sat down exclusively with uInterview before winning the gold medal for the 100m freestyle event today, proves that Olympic success doesn’t have to be the result of undue pressure.

“I really try to relax as much as possible,” Adrian told uInterview about his pre-competition ritual. “I really think putting too much pressure on myself doesn’t work — I think I don’t manage my energy levels properly and I end up really tired from trying to focus that hard.”

Adrian’s relatively relaxed attitude worked for him at the men’s 100m freestyle finals today, which he finished at 47.52 seconds, beating the reigning world champion, James “The Missle” Magnussen of Australia, who won the silver, by .01 seconds.


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And one thing is for sure — Adrian is proud to win his first gold medal for an individual event (his first altogether was in 2008’s Beijing Olympic games for a relay event), while also bringing home the first US gold in the freestyle event since 1988. For Adrian, it’s as much about his country as his own accomplishment. “It means the world to wear Team USA on a cap or a shirt, being able to kind of be an embodiment of what Team USA is. It takes a lot of responsibility to do that, too. It’s not something that we take lightly, so it’s an honor.”

Pretty soon, Adrian, who eats about as frequently as he trains, will be able to indulge in some foods that he doesn’t allow himself during the Olympics and training. “I really like ice cream,” he said. “Especially cookies ‘n cream or mint chocolate chip.” And don’t forget “Oreos dipped in milk. Something about an Oreo dipped in milk — it just soaks it up really well.” Something tells us that this particular Olympic gold medalist can really put ’em away.

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