It was just last week that U.S. Olympic diving champion David Boudia won a gold medal for the 10m platform dive event, adding to his bronze medal for the synchro platform event with diving partner Nick McCrory, but the hunky Boudia is already looking forward to four years from now and the 2016 Rio Olympic events.

Boudia, who started his athletic training as a gymnast when he was a child, hinted that he might add gymnastics to his 2016 Olympic schedule. “It’s a very outside shot,” Boudia said, but the possibility remains that he would be the first athlete to compete in both diving and gymnastics.

Whether gymnastics or diving is on the next Olympic bill for Boudia, it won’t change the fact that he has to be in tip-top shape and watch his diet like a hawk. “Definitely diving is one of the sports that you have to be really cautious about what you’re putting into your body, and so I eat a lot of whole fruits and vegetables and I just started juicing,” Boudia exclusively told Uinterview about his diet secrets. “You should see my fridge right now,” he added. “It’s stocked with all sorts of fruits and all sorts of vegetables.”

The most important superfood that gives Boudia the right moves on the springboard is the blueberry. “There is a lot of nutritional value in that, and I get a lot of nutrients from that. It really feeds into what my training does,” he said.

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