Olympic pride is common, and each Olympian has a different way of expressing it. Team USA’s two-time Olympian and recent 2012 London silver medalist, archer Brady Ellison, 23, is serious enough about his commitment to the game and his Olympic competitions to tattoo his pride right on his skin, in the form of the Olympic Rings.

“For me, it symbolizes the commitment and the permanency of being an Olympic athlete,” Ellison exclusively told Uinterview, showing us the colorful rings on his right forearm. “The Olympic tattoo is something that only Olympic athletes go and get,” Ellison said. “I mean, anyone can go and get it but it’s the unwritten rule that unless you’ve made the Olympic team, you don’t go get that tattoo. It’s just kind of neat to be able to have that honor to put it on there and to be able to put USA on my back and represent everyone that supports us,” he said.

One thing’s for sure, though — pride alone isn’t going to win anyone any silver medals. “Mentally, I put in hours and hours of work,” he told us, explaining the value of routine to what he does. “And to my mental routine, whether it’s on the field or off the field, I’m always working on mental stuff.”

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