Steve-O, of MTV’s Jackass fame and the host of truTV’s new game show, Killer Karaoke, developed a wild streak at a young age, which he managed to parlay into a successful career as a stuntman and extreme prank artist, as most currently know him. However, prior to gaining this fame he did what many do to prepare for the “real world” and attended college — err, clown college, that is.

“It was more like boot camp than college for sure,” Steve-O, 38, told Uinterview exclusively. “Statistically it’s harder to get into Clown College than Harvard based on the number of applicants compared to the number of people that got in. And it was free to go, provided that you were accepted, back in 1996 and ’97, when I found out about it and they didn’t have tuition. I just thought, ‘Wow what a great way to further my goal in becoming a stuntman.’ If I could have that recognizable Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey name to brag about, to be a trained circus professional would really really help me along. At that point I was already lighting myself on fire at keg parties or jumping off apartment buildings into shallow pools. Those were my specialties.”

Steve-O will be lightening up on the stunts in order to focus on his hosting duties with Killer Karaoke, the U.S. adaptation of the popular British television series, Sing If You Can. Killer Karaoke challenges contests to sing their way through karaoke numbers while they are put through distracting, disturbing, and often hilarious circumstance, such as being lowered into a pool filled with snakes.

Killer Karaoke premiers this Friday on truTV at 9:00 p.m. EST. — Hal Sundt

Read our full interview with Jackass and Killer Karaoke‘s Steve-O here.

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