Don Coscarelli discovered the idea for his latest movie, John Dies at the End, from a somewhat odd source:

“Well, true story, I got an email from an Amazon robot and it said that if I like the zombie fiction that I just purchased from this small market press, called Permuted Press, that I would love their next release, called John Dies at the End,” Coscarelli told Uinterview exclusively. “And then I read the little log-line and I was hooked because it just sounded great.”

“And literally I was thinking, ‘This would make a great movie,’ and then I went on the web, and see [author] David Wong had created his own little paradigm and self-publishing, and what he was doing was just releasing his chapters on the internet for free, and he developed a massive fan base, and then Permuted Press put it out in a limited paperback and that’s when I got it. When I contacted David and made the arrangement for the movie rights, then after that St. Martin’s bought it for distribution. So it’s an interesting evolution, where the movie really helped him [David] get writer distribution, but he was really the one who created this movie idea. “

Coscarelli shared the idea with Paul Giamatti, who jumped at the opportunity to work with the horror master. “I wanted to do something with him so badly that I was like whatever, and it happened to be this thing that was really amazing," Giamatti told Uinterview.

The screenplay ultimately ended up taking a section from the beginning and a section from the end of the book. “It was my first time adapting a bigger novel like that and one of my defense systems was to just jam as much in there and keep it moving,” Coscarelli said.

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