Gymnast Jonathan Horton, who famously snagged a silver medal in the high bar at the 2008 Games in Beijing, is the only member of the male U.S. Olympic gymnastics team who has been to the Olympics before. Teammates Danell Leyva, John Orozco, Sam Mikulak and Jake Dalton are all first-timers, according to USA Today.

Perhaps better than his rookie teammates, Horton, 26, knows what to expect in London — and he knows exactly how the day is going to go. "In the morning before a competition, the main thing that I like to do is I visualize," the Houston native says in our exclusive video interview. "I don't change too much about my day. I eat the same. I try to get the same amount of sleep. But i make sure I go through all the routines in my head. It just kind of focuses me, gets me in the zone, mentally prepares me for what is about to happen in the day. I go through all six of the events, see myself being successful — landing, sticking my dismounts."

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