Mickey Sumner, 26, does what it takes to get into character. Sumner, daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, transformed herself from a blond fashion plate to a brunette tomboy while playing a downtown lesbian named Billie in the new short film, Trophy Wife.

Sumner, whose real first name is Bridget, has only appeared in a few films so far, but is set to appear in Showtime’s new drama The Borgias. Though she comes from theatrical stock, her parents have offered very simple advice. “Work hard… work really, really, really, really hard and don’t give up and have fun,” she recalls Dad saying.

Voula Duval, downtown hipster and the film’s director and writer, described the drastic measures the two went to to get Sumner ready for the role. “Mickey is a gorgeous British lady and I transformed her into a tomboy,” she said, explaining how she dressed Sumner up in her clothes and took her out to the New York hotspots Waverly and the Boom Boom Room. “By the time we were done, she’d picked up three girls,” she continued, “I was super jealous.”

Both Duval and Sumner’s co-star, Anastasia Ganias had only kind words for her on-screen love interest. “There was chemistry right away,” Ganias recalled, “We hit it off.” Asked what Sumner was like as a kisser during their makeout session in the back of a cab for the film, Ganias said, “She’s the best. She’s the best." –AMY LEE


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