Matthew Goode, 34, may be best known for his roles playing relatively benign romantic leads (opposite Amy Adams in Leap Year and Colin Firth in A Single Man) and superheroes (as Ozymandias / Adrian Veidt in Watchmen), but he's taking on a rather different role as twisted sociopath Charles Stoker in the eponymous Stoker, also starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Jacki Weaver and Dermot Mulroney, directed by the acclaimed Park Chan-Wook.

Goode got physical with the role, too, and was both amused and disturbed by the implications of his performance, along with costar Weaver. "I had so much fun working with her," he told Uinterview in an exclusive interview. "The phone booth scene was one of the funniest scenes filming …. We did a playback, and I asked Jacki if I could only go a bit stronger. And Jacki was like, 'Yeah, you just strangled the hell out of me!' We got a really good laugh, but it was kind of psychotic, because what you're doing is actually quite disturbing."

Goode also loved working with Kidman, whom he calls "really intelligent," "super professional" and "very funny," as well as Wasikowska, whom he said has "become like my little sister." Goode also appreciated working with an international and culturally diverse cast. "I think these days when you're on set, it's always multicultural, and so multi-country, and it's quite rare to not have an English or Australian invasion on set in Hollywood. It's nothing surprising, nothing you have to think about anymore, you just get on and work.

So how did Goode cope with director Chan-Wook not speaking English? "He understands more than he can speak," Goode explained. "It was quite seamless, really. My initial contact with director Park was having a Skype conversation, he came talking about the project. And we were online for about an hour chatting. Obviously he talks, and then the translator translates, and it goes back and forth. It's quite soothing listening to him. It was very peaceful. But it went really well. We didn't think about it. There were some days when things took some time, but it wasn't irritating, nothing got lost in translation. I loved it."

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