Paranormal Activity veteran Katie Featherston, 30, who has starred in all four of the installments of the hit horror franchise that kicked off in 2007, has had her share of scrapes and bruises from playing the fictionalized (and frequently terrified) version of herself, Katie, but she’s still ready for more.

“It was lot of fun,” she told Uinterview exclusively about shooting Paranormal Activity 4, which came out in theaters last month. “But there were a lot of, sort of, breakable things involved and there were some bruised hands afterwards, but well worth it because I think it’s a pretty effective scare for the audience.”

As for the future of the franchise and Featherston’s possible role within it, she’s raring to go — provided the studio is. “I haven’t personally received any phone calls about PA 5,” she told us. “But I have read on the Internet that it has been greenlit, so I’m going to say a solid ‘maybe’ for that. And whether or not I’ll be in it? If there’s like a realistic reson for me to be in it, and my story is continued, my story progresses, then I would love to be a part of it. But we’ll kind of have to wait and see what they decide to do with it,” she said. “I look forward to finding out.”

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