She’s best known for her role as Clare on the iconic teen series, Beverly Hills, 90210, and he’s famous for his role as Rico Diaz on Six Feet Under, but both Kathleen Robertson and Freddie Rodriguez take on a very different kind of acting challenge in the National Geographic production, Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, about the confidential mission that ended in the death of Bin Laden.

One challenge in filming Seal Team Six lay in the fact that none of the actors were representing specific SEALS who were involved in the raid, since the identities of those people were being kept confidential. This led to a kind of conceptual merging of history and fiction. “We shot this in February before the book was released or any other articles and so the identity of those SEALs were all classified at that time,” Rodriguez told Uinterview in our exclusive interview with him and Robertson.

Robertson had a philosophy behind her approach to the unique role. “Ultimately with a story like this there comes sort of a sense of responsibility and wanting to make sure that it’s as accurate and as truthful to what really happened as possible,” she told us. “But ultimately, when it comes down to it, our job as actors is to figure out a way to bring that human being forward in a way that the most amount of people can relate to that human being, and it’s really about not judging that character.”

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