Joss Whedon And Amy Acker by Uinterview

When MGM, the studio behind Cabin in the Woods, went bankrupt, the future of the buzzworthy horror flick was uncertain, but producer Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) never doubted that it was going to scare the socks off millions of moviegoers.

“Not to be that guy, but I knew how good it was,” Whedon said in our exclusive interview, in which he was joined by actress Amy Acker, one of the stars of Cabin in the Woods. “I believe in this movie,” Whedon added.

Whedon said his confidence in the film, which he co-wrote with director Drew Goddard, was augmented by seeing audiences’ positive reaction at festival screenings. “Watching it with audiences at South by Southwest and various places, and seeing them respond to it, I knew that somebody would look at the movie and go, ‘This is gonna happen,'” he said. “Lionsgate knew instantly. As soon as they saw it, they had to get it out of that mire it was stuck in. I never lost faith.”

The Cabin in the Woods, which Whedon describes as “something very old-fashioned .. [torn] to shreds,” stars Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison and Richard Jenkins. It hits theaters today.

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