Because Woody Allen's latest, To Rome With Love, is divided into three, autonomous vignettes, the actors in the film (including Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin and Ellen Page) only received partial scripts before they started shooting, but star Greta Gerwig says she found a loophole.

"I stole the script from the mega trailer, so I actually did read [the entire script]," Gerwig said in our exclusive interview, appearing along with Page. However, Gerwig says, she waited until shooting wrapped so as not to throw Allen's artistic plan out of whack. "But I did that at the end of our shooting, because I actually do like just knowing your section, I think it allows you to stop intellectualizing how you fit in and just be in the scenes," she said, adding that she was "super entertained" by the story.

Page, for her part, waited till the movie was finished to see how her vignette fit in with the others. "The other three stories are just completely separate," she explained. "It was actually nice because the first time I watched the film, you can kind of ignore the fact that you’re in it and you’re watching all the stuff that is essentially, all totally new to me, and that was nice to see that."

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