More information has been released on the upcoming Gears of War 4. A loot crate for the game was announced earlier this month and now there’s more information about the PC-exclusive features of the game that will be released this October. Gears of War 4 is compatible with both Xbox One and PC. According to the game’s developers at The Coalition, there will be a console to PC port.

Skeptics complain that console to PC ports are shoddy at best. The image quality of the graphics usually suffers and the experience is not the same when using a gaming console. Often the graphic quality of the game is sacrificed for a smoother performance on PC.

With these drawbacks in mind, Mike Raynor, the technical director at The Coalition, emphasized some of the Gears of War 4 PC-exclusive features fans can expect later this year. PC users can look forward to a highly customizable version of the game. As now there are 28 different settings, an unlocked framerate and remappable mouse and keyboard controls. The textures on PC are improved with some groups reaching up to 4K resolution making for sharper and cleaner images. There’s also a benchmark mode that will allow users to figure out how to make the game look best on their machine.

The exclusive features aim to create a highly optimized experience for PC users. In an interview with Digital Foundry, Raynor said, “Along with more settings, we’re putting extra time into making it clear what impact a setting will have on GPU/CPU/VRAM so there is a clear correlation between a setting change and its performance impact.”

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