Like father, like daughter? Not quite, says Elle Fanning, who compared Sofia Coppola, director of Fanning's latest movie Somewhere, to legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia's father.

"He's definitely a lot louder — his voice is louder," Fanning told Uinterview exclusively at the New York screening of Somewhere. But she added, "their sets are both definitely calm and just no pressure at all. I can definitely see how Sofia, what she took and learned from him."

Fanning, who is working with the Godfather director on the thriller Twixt Now and Sunrise, also starring Val Kilmer, said that she was starstruck when she met Coppola for the first time. "I met him once, he came on the set of Somewhere. It's sort of like, 'I can't believe I'm talking to him, he's such a legend!'"

Sofia Coppola said that she always goes to her father for advice, but with her fourth directorial effort, she relied on him less. "I talk to him about film stuff, but I feel like I've learned enough over the years now that I know what I'm doing. But he was always there for advice if I need it."

Somewhere opens in theaters December 17. –KRISTIN STUDEMAN & ISHITA SINGH


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    Love Sofia's works, I hope Elle Fanning is as good as her sister. The girls seem so incredibly talented and smart.

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