Adam Brody & Analeigh Tipton by Uinterview

One of the most admired independent film directors, Whit Stillman is known for imbedding philosophical discussions in his films, which include Metropolitan, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco, as well as the recently released Damsels in Distress, starring Adam Brody.

Stillman’s reputation for heavy material, however, led Brody to be surprised by the writer/director’s way of working, which was actually more hands-off than one might expect. “He’s so aloof and interesting and … not secretive, but he’s not that forthcoming with himself and his ideas,” Brody said in our exclusive interview. “He’s much more interested in you and asks you a lot of questions.”

Brody added that Stillman’s way of casting actors was in finding the right man for the part, as opposed to someone who would say his words verbatim. “I think he writes these very layered parts, and then he asks someone a lot of questions and finds that they are right for it and puts them in, and goes on to the next thing,” Brody said. “And you are going, ‘Hold on. I thought we were going to discuss Plato and no? I guess I am right for it. I’ll just – you know – make my own assumptions.”