Texas hair stylist and singer/songwriter Lisa Gail Allred made a viral hit with her music video, "3 Second Rule," and now she's telling everyone the secrets to her success. "I have a hair salon, and I have some clients that come in there. This was a rule in their marriage that they had," Allred told our very own Zach Udko in his new exclusive video series, Instant Character With Zach Udko.

Allred went on to explain that hers is an exact art. "I actually wrote the song several times before it got where I wanted it to be," she said. "After that I sent it to Desi, and he at the time was my vocal coach and my producer, and he was encouraging me to write music and he was so excited about '3 Second Rule.' So I thought, we need to do a video to this song, so everybody can see it and it will be fun. You know, Desi, he was so funny too. When he looks at my songs he says, 'They're all hits, Lisa. They're all hits.'"

Does this mean Allred's fans can expect more to come? "I've always loved the hair business, but I love this now, too," she said. "It's the best of both worlds and I just love both of them."

Watch the interview here:

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