Actress Dakota Johnson’s name was trending Wednesday on Twitter, as circulating rumors about her bisexuality got fans more than excited.

The rumors have come as a 2017 interview between Johnson and Vogue has recently resurfaced.

In the interview, the Fifty Shades of Grey star alluded to being attracted to more than one gender. She said at the time, “I’ve been in a phase of my life where I’m fascinated by young women coming to terms with their sexuality.” She continued saying, “I guess, by proxy, I have been experiencing that in my own life, and it’s very interesting to me.”

Johnson then discussed her breakup with model and Drowners singer Matthew Hitt. “I don’t do casual very well, and my feelings, even the good ones, get so intense that they hurt.” She went on to ask the interviewer, “Can we make things really juicy? Can we say that I’m taking this time to explore my bisexuality?”

As the interview spread across Twitter, fans responded with excited tweets about the possibility that Johnson could in fact be queer.

Johnson is currently dating Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin and has yet to respond to the online speculation.

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