Former UFC champion Cain Velasquez pled not guilty to felony attempted murder on Monday. 

Velasquez was arrested in February and is facing charges of attempted murder, assault and more after allegedly firing at a man who he claimed sexually abused his four-year-old son at a family-run daycare.

The former heavyweight champ is now on bail after appearing in Santa Clara County Superior Court on Monday where he pled guilty. Judge Arthur Bocanegra allowed him to post $1 million bail, despite the prosecutor’s opposition. The district attorney said the victims are “terrified” and living in a hotel.

Harry Goularte, the man Velasquez alleged assaulted his child, was riding in a pickup truck when the car chase and subsequent shooting occurred. Goularte’s stepfather was wounded in the incident. 

Velasquez has filed a civil lawsuit against Goularte accusing him and his family of negligence and sexual battery. 

The UFC fighter asked for the terms of his bail to be loosened so he could travel to Tempe, Arizona for a Luche Libre AAA event in December. The judge ruled that he could partake in the wrestling event.

Until the recent ruling, Velasquez had been held in a county jail for eight months. His attorney said he was “very grateful” for his release.

Velasquez commented on his release from jail, saying it felt great to be out.

“I feel blessed,” he said, leaving the courthouse. “Ready to go home, ready to be with the loved ones, family, friends. And make something positive of this whole situation.”

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