Former Saturday Night Live star, Victoria Jackson, went on a wild rant about homosexuality at a city council meeting in Franklin, Tennessee.

Jackson, who was a member of SNL from 1986 to 1992, took to the podium to speak out against the LGBTQ community and their efforts to celebrate Pride this year. She was one of the many residents attending the meeting to speak for or against the local Gay Pride parade.


Footage of Jackson, 63, speaking at the meeting was streamed on the city’s YouTube channel, which shows the comedian introducing herself by name before commencing her speech with “God Hates Sodomy.”


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“He hates homosexuality – he said it’s an abomination. And God hates sexual immorality, all kinds,” Jackson said. “And God hates pride. Like, one of the most things he hates is pride,” she added before quoting Bible verses to support her condemnation of the city’s Pride parade. “When pride comes, then comes disgrace but with humility comes wisdom. The Lord detests all the proud of heart.”

Jackson went on to reference the story of biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah, arguing that their downfall is evidence of God’s hatred for “sodomy and sexual immorality and pride.” “I just want to encourage this generation not to be brainwashed,” she said, concluding her speech.

The self-labeled “conservative” comedian took to Instagram to share clips of her attendance at city hall and her remarks about Pride, calling it her “minute of free speech.” She has also used her social media platform to criticize LGBTQ+ library books, calling them “graphic porn.”

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