Former Playboy Bunny, Kelsey Turner, aka Badd Bunny, was sentenced to a minimum of 10 to 25 years in prison for her alleged involvement in the 2019 murder of child psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard, who was found bludgeoned to death and abandoned in the trunk of a Mercedes-Benz in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to prosecutors, the 29-year-old Playboy and Maxim model reportedly had a “transactional relationship” with the 71-year-old victim, from whom she was receiving financial assistance.


He is believed to have paid the rent for the Las Vegas house she shared with then-boyfriend, Jon Logan Kennison, and a roommate, Diana Nicole Pena, who were also reportedly involved in Burchard’s killing. Kennison is already serving a sentence of 18 to 45 years after pleading guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy in June 2019.

While Pena denies having had any involvement in the actual killing, she pleaded guilty to accessory to murder and helped prosecutors build their case against Turner. Pena reportedly told law enforcement that Turner and Kennison got into an altercation with Burchard after he allegedly traveled to Las Vegas to end his two-year-long relationship with Turner.

Recognizing the amount of evidence against her, Turner agreed to a plea on one second-degree murder charge earlier in November 2022. While she has not formally pled guilty to the crime, the plea allowed her to avoid a jury trial and guaranteed her parole eligibility after serving 10 years.

At the sentencing hearing, Chief Deputy District Attorney Pamela Weckerly, claimed that Turner was the one to direct Kennison to attack and “subject the victim to an incredibly long and painful beating.” She went on to describe Turner as “content to leave someone she knew for a number of years, who supported her and her child financially for a number of years, to rot in the back of the car in the desert that he paid for,” and believed Turner to have attempted to make financial gains from the allegations made against her.

As well as her 10 to 25-year-long sentence, Turner was also ordered to pay thousands of dollars worth of legal fees and fines.

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