Bobby Bonilla, as a result of a buy-out agreement with the New York Mets, receives more than $1 million a year for 25 years, which started back in 2011.

Bobby Bonilla’s Payday

Annually, on July 1 Bonilla gets $1,193,248.20. The Mets released Bonilla in 1999, and two years later he retired from the MLB. At the time, the Mets still owed him $5.9 million. The franchise opted to defer Bonilla’s payment 10 years, which means that they’ll still be paying him through 2035. In total, Bonilla will make 29.8 million from the Mets without stepping on the field.

Bonilla’s nearly $1.2 million salary makes him the ninth-highest paid player on the Mets’ roster. He’s currently earning more than Matt Harvey, Jacob deGromm and Juan Lagares.

In addition to the aforementioned pay, Bonilla also receives another payment for 25 years – $500,000 per year that the Mets and the Baltimore Orioles, another former team of Bonilla’s, split. That deal runs through 2028.

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