Eva Marie had a health scare on E!’s Total Divas when her silicone breast implants ruptured, forcing her to undergo surgery to get them removed.

Eva Marie Health Scare

In Sunday’s new episode of Total Divas, a reality show about WWE Divas, Eva Marie went to the doctor with her husband, Jonathan Coyle, after noticing a strange lump in her breast and increasing pain. After running a few tests, the doctor confirmed that Eva Marie’s breast implant had ruptured, and recommended surgery to remove the implants as soon as possible. “Once the silicone implant does leak and then gets into your breast tissue, it’s very hard to clean it all out. Taking them out sooner than later is probably better,” the doctor told Eva Marie.

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The doctor estimated a 2-3-month recovery period during which she would not be allowed in the ring. Eva Marie scheduled a surgery, but worried about how it would affect her career, telling the cameras, “It really sucks because I’ve worked so hard to get to this point in my career. And taking time off – that’s the last thing that I want.” So, she cancelled her appointment, much to her husband’s disapproval.

It’s the Bella Twins, Nikki and Paige, who convinced Eva Marie to get the surgery, and the episode concluded with Eva Marie well on her way to a full recovery with new replacement implants.

Eva Marie Gets Ruptured Implants Replaced

Eva Marie live-tweeted during the episode, and admitted that the entire ordeal was “extremely [emotional] and difficult time.”

Her husband, Coyle, agreed in a post on Instagram, writing, “This was a really scary time for the both of us.”  

Eva Marie also thanked Nikki and Paige for being there for her during her health scare, tweeting out her thanks to the Bella Twins and to her supportive fans.

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