Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria stepped up her vocal support for President Barack Obama's re-election with the publication of an an op-ed criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for views she says are hostile to Latinos and women.

"Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of every issue that pertains to Latinos," Longoria wrote in The Hollywood Reporter. "He called SB 1070 a model law for the rest of the country. He tried to clarify, saying he meant a certain aspect of it, which shows his flip-flopping nature. Hispanics can stand to lose the most from his insistence on the Republicans' same failed economic policy."

Longoria, who is a co-chair of the President's reelection campaign, said that Latinos need to understand how a Romney White House would be harmful to their cause. "The Latino community needs to know what he stands for," she wrote. "He said during the campaign he would veto the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act if it came across his desk. That means you are not investing in the future of America. There was a story on CNN about this valedictorian who has been accepted into Ivy League schools and is up for deportation. She was brought here when she was 5 through no fault of her own. Why would we not want to keep her in this country as an American citizen or at least give her a pathway?"

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