Eva Amurri, the actress who is the daughter of Susan Sarandon, writes on her blog, Happily Eva After about her son’s traumatic head-cracking incident this fall.


A few days after Thanksgiving, Major James Martino, Amurri’s son and second child, was under the care of a night nurse. However, the nurse fell asleep as she held Major, which caused the baby to plummet to the floor. Major had a “fractured skull and bleeding on his brain.”

Amurri was asleep with her husband, Kyle Martino, but the sounds of their son collapsing and his anguished cries of pain woke them up. Major was immediately taken to Yale Medical Center, where he spent two days. Amurri regards these as “the most traumatic and anxious two days” of her life, which was compounded by her (admittedly irrational) fear of hospitals.

Fortunately, Major suffered no permanent harm, and he would recover.

Hearing Major cry now instantly recalls memories of the night for Amurri, and her appetite has reduced drastically. She frequently feels “nauseous and overwhelmed,” too.

Her intuition suggests she has a variety of post-traumatic stress disorder, with a possible connection to postpartum depression.

She closes by thanking her supporters and by greeting the new year:

“With open arms, I welcome 2017 as the year I learn to forgive a little deeper, to let go a little more easily, to accept some things I cannot change, and to love myself a lot more unconditionally. To anybody else who is suffering from similar feelings or challenges, no matter the cause– I am with you in this. Let’s get better. It’s time.”

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