One of the breakout stars of Euphoria season two, Chloe Cherry, left a huge impression in a show that already boasted a memorable ensemble cast. The star sat down on the podcast Call Her Daddy to talk about working on the hit show, and her past career as an adult film star.

Cherry called working on Euphoria and subsequent opportunities have been a “dream come true,” and she was ecstatic to join the second season as a “huge fan” of the show. She said that the show’s creator Sam Levinson reached out to her to play the part after he viewed her joking around on an Instagram story. “You never know who’s watching you on the internet!” Cherry cracked.

When asked how she decided to start working in porn, Cherry said she researched the day-to-day lives of pornstars on social media and eventually decided, “It’s a way more viable thing than going to college for me, like that I’m going to actually excel in.” While she spoke fondly about parts of her career, Cherry also reflected that the industry negatively impacted her relationships and body image.

“The only thing that sucks about working in porn is the way that people will treat you outside of the industry,” Cherry admitted. She said she lost friends because they “thought I couldn’t be around them. Or their boyfriend would say, ‘No you can’t hang out with her’ and they actually would listen to them.”

While she was clear that she doesn’t regret her past as a sex worker, Cherry also later discussed developing an eating disorder after an interaction with a porn agent.

“It all started when this agent that I had when I was in porn said to my face that I was fat. He said, ‘Everyone says that you’re fat, and the fastest way to lose weight is by not eating.’ … he said that to me when I was eighteen like it was so freaky,” Cherry said. She said that thanks to professional counseling she has recovered from her eating disorder as of 2020. Along with seeking mental health treatment, Cherry also recommended the podcast Take The Cake, which features guests that share their stories of recovering from eating disorders.

Euphoria seasons one and two have all been released on HBO, and it was renewed for a third season in February.

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