Eric McCormack, the former Will & Grace star, plays a paranoid schizophrenic neuroscientist on TNT’s new hit drama series Perception. He recently sat down with Uinterview for an exclusive interview in which he delves into the surpising similariteis between playing Dr. Daniel Pierce on Perception and gay New York lawyer Will Truman on Will & Grace.

With the gay marriage debate sweeping the nation, McCormack believes that Will would finally have found true love and gotten married. “Oh, he was virtually married in the series finale. I virtually got married to Taye Diggs on the show, and I virtually married Bobby Cannavale on the show,” McCormack told Uinterview. “Will was a reflection of our co-creator Max Mutchnick, who was a guy who wanted to find the right guy and that’s what Max has done and that’s definitely what Will would be doing now [that gay marriage is legal in New York].”

Read Uinterview's full Q&A with Eric McCormack here.

It remains to be seen though, if Pierce's social life will improve. Despite what would appear to be major differences between the characters of Will Truman and Daniel Pierce, McCormack believes that they do have their similarities. “[Will] was a good-looking lawyer, but he couldn’t get a date and he would screw it up when he did. I think it’s the same thing here,” he told Uinterview. “While Pierce has brilliant in front of the classroom, he can be just be a complete nightmare in a situation where he is uncomfortable, at a crime scene, in a social situation, anywhere that’s crowded.”


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Eric McCormack as Daniel Pierce in 'Perception'

McCormack, who has drawn from a number of sources to play a paranoid schizophrenic – books, consultants and a professor of law who has triumphed while dealing with the mental disease – is amazed at what the writers have done with his character. “It’s all looking very healthy but that’s not going to last much beyond the first two acts of episode one. Like a lot of people who cycle through different medications to fight their disorder," McCormack told Uinterview, "he doesn’t like how he feels on it.”

Season 2 of Perception airs on TNT Fridays at 10/9c.

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