Pennsylvania police encountered two pipe bombs while searching for alleged cop-killer Eric Matthew Frein.

Pennsylvania Police Shooter On The Run

Frein, 31, is now one of the FBI’s Most Wanted after allegedly attacking local police officers, killing local law encourcement Byron Dickson and critically injuring Trooper Alex Douglas. The shooting took place on Sept. 12 outside the state police barracks, and police are now calling it a planned attack. After seizing Frein’s computer, police say that they found evidence that Frein had been planning the attack and his subsequent life on the run, doing internet research on “how to avoid police manhunts” and wilderness survival skills.

Pipe Bombs, Other Weapons Discovered

Frein is believed to be hiding out in the woods near his childhood home in Canadensis, where police have found discarded weapons, supplies, and used adult diapers, suggesting Frein prepared his exit strategy. On Tuesday it was announced that, in addition to diapers and other supplies, the police found two functioning pipe bombs, which could have been detonated by a trip wire or a lit fuse.

“Over the last few days we have found several items that undoubtedly confirm Eric Frein is hiding in our search area. We have found a number of items belonging to Frein, some of which were hastily discarded,” announced Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens.

The manhunt has been going on for weeks, but Bivens announced on Tuesday that he belives they are closing in on Frein, taking his discarding of belongings as a sign of stress: “I am calling on you, Eric, to surrender. You are clearly stressed. You are making significant mistakes. We continue to take your supplies and your weapon stockpiles. While you are no doubt weakening our troopers’ resolve is very strong. We are not going anywhere,” Biven said in a message to Frein.

Though the pipe bombs discovered were left live, early reports suggest that Frein does not intend to hurt any civilians, but has a vendetta against law enforcement. “I am convinced that Frein has engaged in a personal battle with law enforcement, specifically the Pennsylvania State Police, and will likely stay focused on that fight,” Bivens said.

Furthermore, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan stated that investigators believed Frein to have expressed a desire “to kill law enforcement officers and also to commit mass acts of murder.”

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