Eric Matthew Frein, the man accused of killing Trooper Byron Dickson and injuring Trooper Alex Douglas in a targeted attack, has been captured after a 48-day search.

Eric Frein Captured

Frein, 31, was finally captured by U.S. marshals on Thursday, Oct. 30, after a long manhunt for Frein began in September. The marshals found Frein in an abandoned airport during a routine sweep. Frein was apprehended without incident and was unarmed. The suspect was then transferred into Pennsylvania state police, who cuffed him using the handcuffs belonging to the trooper Frein allegedly killed.

“We thought it was fitting,” said State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan.

Frein had been hiding in the woods near his childhood home in Canadensis ever since the Sept. 12 shooting that killed Dickson. Police searching for Frein stumbled upon pipe bombs and other discarded weapons, supposedly belonging to Frien, but failed to arrest him until recently. Police reported in early October that Frein had done extensive internet research on surviving in the wild and running from police.

After his arrest, investigators searched the area where Frein was found and discovered a sniper rifle. Sources say the rifle could match the shell casings discovered in Frein’s SUV, which was found three days after the shooting.

DA To Seek Death Penalty

Frein has been charged with first-degree murder, homicide of a law enforcement officer and attempted first-degree murder, as well as a host of other charges stemming from the Sept. 12 shooting. District Attorney Raymond Tonkin has announced plans to seek the death penalty.

Though Frein has reportedly been cooperating with authorities, his motives remain unclear, though authorities maintain that Frein had a history of hating police. “Eric Frein had a mission that was to attack law enforcement. If he got out of those woods, we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement. And if not them, civillians. That’s why we had to keep the pressure on,” said Noonan.

Local communities are relieved, to say the least, and are excited to celebrate Frein’s capture with Halloween events. Many towns in the area had advised against trick-or-treating for fear of run-ins with Frein.

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