After 55 years, it appears that Days Of Our Lives, might have to come to an end.

The Days Of Our Lives is one of the longest running television programs in the world, which has been airing since November 8, 1965. The show tell us about the lives, loves, triumphs and tragedies of the Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, Hernandez and DiMera families. It walks viewers through love stories, family troubles and suspenseful adventures embroil the denizens of Salem in every form of drama from flowering courtships, love triangles and unexpected wedding day reveals to custody battles, switched identities, murder investigations, lingering comas, mental illness, kidnappings, amnesia cases and more.


According to various sources the whole cast of the show has been released from the contracts, seemingly indicating that the long-running soap’s days are numbered. Nonetheless, the show have produced enough episodes to last through next summer, but no one knows what will happen after that.

If Days Of Our Lives does come back after next summer, it might have either smaller cast due to or full cast with a reduced budget.

Neither Corday Productions, Inc. nor NBC and Sony Pictures Television have made any comments regarding wether or not they have decided to keep the show running.