An Emirates Boeing 777 plane trying to land at the Birmingham Airport on Thursday was almost turned sideways by high winds.

The plane was recorded approaching the runway landing, hovering unsteadily above the runway before ascending yet again to avoid a dangerous landing. The plane reportedly attempted another landing, but the wind thwarted it once again, forcing the pilot to land at Gatwick Airport.

The flight was coming in from Dubai and many passengers witnessed the entire failed landing via the television screens on the plane. Many passengers reported being sick and fearing they were going to die during the disastrous landing.

Emirates Flight Aborts Landing In High Winds

The pilot, thankfully, was able to land the plane safely after moving to Gatwick Airport.

The Emirates flight was not the only one that suffered from the fierce winds. A Brussels Airlines plane also took two attempts to land safely due to the weather.

A powerful storm is currently moving through the U.K., causing severe floods and has reportedly resulted in two casualties.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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