Elvis Presley’s stepbrother David E. Stanley has claimed in a new book that the late rock legend had overdosed on purpose.

Elvis Presley Overdose

Stanley’s book on “The King of Rock and Roll” – My Brother Elvis – includes a section in which Stanley suggests that Presley had committed suicide by intentionally overdosing on Aug. 16, 1977,
according to the New York Daily News. He writes that Presley had “done this on purpose,” citing a conversation he had had with him two days prior, in which the singer had said that the next time they would meet would be “on a higher plane.”

Stanley goes on to claim that after Presley was found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, those closest to him went to the scene before police could arrive. According to Stanley, Presley’s lifeless body was surrounded with syringes and pills, which he had shoved in his pockets before they could be used as evidence, and reveal what really happened.

The time leading up to Presley’s death, according to Stanley, was dark. He claims that Presley’s drug addiction had gotten so out of control that he often couldn’t make it to the bathroom without help, if at all. He also recalls a time in which the rock star fell asleep at the table, leading someone else at the table to reach into his mouth and extract the food.

Stanley had moved into Graceland when he was just 4 years old, after his mother married Presley’s widowed father Vernon Presley. Stanley eventually worked for Presley. Following his death, Stanley says that Vernon Presley gave him his last paycheck and told him, “Take care of yourself.” The rock icon’s father died a year later.

My Brother Elvis hits bookshelves Aug. 16.

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