Elton John had a scare at 10,000 feet when his private jet suffered hydraulic failure an hour into a trip to New York from the U.K. When attempting to land, high winds also buffeted the singer’s plane and blocked landing twice according to onlookers.

This ordeal occurred Tuesday morning, with the malfunction reportedly occurring shortly after the jet departed Farnborough Airport at 10:20 a.m. John’s aircraft made a U-turn over the southern coast of Ireland and radioed a request for an emergency landing at Farnborough.


With wind speeds reaching up to 80 mph that day, the challenges weren’t done for John’s pilot upon their return back at the airport. While emergency responders had cleared the runway, an onlooker told The Sun that “the aircraft was being rocked from side to side by the wind,” during landing attempts. It wasn’t until the “third attempt,” that the aircraft successfully landed. Despite being “shaken” as a source described, John still made it to New York Tuesday night.

He will be performing at Madison Square Garden on February 23 and then touring several locations in the New York and New Jersey areas for his Farewell Tour.

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