Ryan Phillippe‘s assault accuser and ex-girlfriendElsie Hewitt, is asking a judge to demand him to provide communications he had with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon regarding the alleged abuse, according to Hollywood.com.

On September 17, the model sued Phillippe for suffering injuries in the hospital after he allegedly threw her down a flight of stairs when she tried to pick up items after their breakup. Following the incident, Hewitt obtained a temporary restraining order against Phillippe, which expired days later.

The Los Angeles County Attorney refused the case upon further investigating the case. Phillippe denies the allegations and has accused Hewitt of extortion. He said he’s only treated her with “kindness and respect.”

Phillippe initially reacted to the accusations in a statement:

“Domestic violence is a very real and tragic issue faced by many women the world over and should never be used to vengefully slander or as a ploy for monetary gain,” he said. “This is wrong. This is not who I am. Every one of my accuser’s allegations are false.”

Now, Hewitt is now claiming the actor will not turn over documents and photos she’s previously requested. Additionally, she wants him to release communications he had with Witherspoon regarding the alleged incident.

Nonetheless, her demands also include divulging information on his physical training regiment and any supplements or drugs he was taking when the alleged abuse occurred. Previously, Hewitt accused Phillippe of abusing steroids, cocaine, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms. She also wants him to make available the texts they exchanged regarding his alcohol and drug abuse.

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Phillippe’s attorney, Shawn Holley, told The Blast that the Los Angeles County Attorney’s refusal to take the case maintains his innocence.


“It is significant that L.A. prosecutors — who take allegations of domestic violence extremely seriously — found these claims to be meritless and declined to file charges. These attempts to delve into Mr. Phillippe’s private life are nothing more than harassment. Mr. Phillippe looks forward to having his day in court and clearing his name.”

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