Elon Musk and Amber Heard both posted photos from an intimate dinner the two shared on the Gold Coast, confirming their relationship.


The photos show the couple out at dinner, Musk with a lipstick kiss mark on his cheek from Heard. This is the first time the couple has publicly confirmed their relationship. Rumors that they were dating surfaced last summer when the pair was seen together on multiple occasions. The associate professor of Internet studies at Curtin University, Tama Leaver, says the pair chose the photos for a reason.

Having moo moo at Moo Moo Gold Coast with @AmberHeard, @CreepyPuppet and @CowanFilms

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“I think both of them have probably discussed and thought carefully about wanting this relationship to be public, and I think this is a fairly canny way of doing that,” he said. “I think for both of them this will satisfy any local newspapers that needed an image… They’re obviously happy with their relationship being public and I think a statement like this often does suggest that there’s actually been a bit of history to this relationship, it’s something they want people to know about and I don’t think you could craft an image better,” a source told the Brisbane Times.

Heard was most recently married to Johnny Depp, but the pair divorced following allegations of domestic violence and abuse. Their divorce was settled in August 2016 and Heard received $7 million in the settlement. Musk, the co-founder of the Tesla car company, has been married three times to two women and has six children between them. His divorce from Talulah Riley was finalized las year.

The last time Heard was in Australia was with ex-husband Depp, where they got into a scandal because they brought their two dogs Pistol and Boo into the country without proper quarantine authorization. She and Depp recorded a generally panned and mocked video in apology.

“Looking at the image that went with that, he’s got lipstick on his cheek so it’s not meant to be in any way ambiguous,” Leaver said about the photo posted by Musk, as well as a similar one by Heard. “I think it’s one of those elated public statements of intimacy more than anything else, and I think that’s quite important for both of them… To some extent it’s a very provocative image, because it does suggest that this isn’t just dinner, this is a lot more so I think that it’s done quite a lot with a single image.”


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It is unclear if Musk is in town solely for pleasure or also for business. Heard, however, is in Queensland filming Aquaman.

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